Pens spotted at JP/HK/AU meet-up

In early March, a group of pen enthusiasts got together in Tokyo and spent hours discussing and obsessing over writing instruments. Here are a few pens spotted at this event.

Iwase Seisakusho Kinsei (謹製) pens with Kubo Kohei (久保幸平) nibs:

Kubo 90th nib

Red and black

Smaller model with three-slit music nib:

Kubo music nib

Flat top model, with Waterman Edson nib:

Iwase Edson

Iwase Edson nib

Pelikan pens with raden decorations by Iwase Seisakusho:



Pilot 80th anniversary Shijin (四神):

Shijin uncapped

Shijin x2

Pilot Super Ultra 500:

Super Ultra

Super Ultra nib

Itoya limited edition Platinum 3776 Gin-Fuji (銀富士), based on Oshino:


Gin-Fuji converter

Maruzen Athena Streamline:

Gin-Fuji converter

Sailor 95th anniversary KOP Naginata-togi Realo:

KOP naginata

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